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Cook Products

Concrete Repair Products

Vertical Repair- Typically hand applied mortars use for overhead and vertical patching of concrete, where forming is impractical. Regular set and fast setting are available.

Horizontal Repair- Trowel applied mortars for the repair of commercial and residential horizontal concrete surfaces. Polymer modified and fast setting mortars for quick turn around are available.

Stucco and Plaster Products

Pre-packaged, high strength, fiber reinforced scratch and brown, single coat or decorative finish coats. Products available in concentrate and sanded pre-mixes for ease of use.


High strength, shrinkage compensated grouts for industrial use. For use in grouting structural columns, machinery base plates, grouting pre-cast wall panels, prison cells, pre-stressed columns, etc. Our family of non-shrink grouts are available in dry pack, plastic, flowable and fluid consistencies.

Thin Brick Mortar

A high strength mortar used to grout the popular "Thin Brick" used on building facades. Available in pre-blended colors, Thin Brick is ready to use, just add water.

Liquid Additive & Bonding Agent

Acrylic additive for addition to most any Portland cement product to enhance bonding and physical characteristics. Bonding agent is a one time re-emulsifyable surface prepping agent for use prior to application of stuccos, repair products and self leveling underlayments.

Damp-Proofing Cements

Trowel or brush applied coatings for damp-proofing poured concrete or masonry walls above or below grade.

Cathodic Protection Grout

Pumpable grout used to grout in and around cathodic protection systems in pile jackets. Regular and fast set formulas are available.

CMETEC Products

Manhole Restoration

For repair of existing brick and concrete manholes prior to receiving chemical coatings and to stop water infiltration and exfiltration.

Structural Repair Products

Dry gunned Shotcrete mortar, Microsilica Concrete Mix, jobsite added Microsilica additives are valuable products used for structural repair of concrete in industrial plants where high early strengths and earlier coating of epoxy type products is required.

Vertical Repair Products

Regular setting and fast setting polymer modified mortars for repairing overhead and vertical concrete substrates.
Hand applied in areas where forming is impractical.

Self Leveling Underlayment

Fast setting pourable underlayment for interior floors to smooth concrete prior to the installation of flooring products such as carpet, tile, stone, wood, vinyl composition tile, etc.

Waterproofing Cement

Trowel down, flexible cement coating system for preventing moisture intrusion to concrete structures.

Liquid Additive and Bonding Primer

Acrylic additives for addition to horizontal and vertical repair products as well as an additive to enhance physical properties of other Portland cement mortars. Bonding primer creates better bonding of repair products to existing concrete.

Pull down Grout for Helical Piers

A blend of Portland cement, pozzolans, silica fume, expansion aids and plasticizers for the placement of grouted helical piers.